v0.9, “A Compleated Update”, is now on TTS!

The next version of Worldbreakers: Advent of the Khanate is now on Tabletop Simulator! Here are the changes:

All of the cards have their final ART and NAMES!

No more “Earth Guild Executor” and “Void Worshipper”, no more placeholder art. All of the illustrations are done!

Game components

• The action reminder cards now has the “Attack” action listed
• +1/+1 counters now explicitly have a “+1” on them

Card name changes

• Chuvadu Guru: Renamed to “Forbidding Guru”
• Compassionate Ascetic: Renamed to “Poised Duelist”
• Crescent Tear: Renamed to “Bolt Strike”
• Desperate Miner: Renamed to “Desperate Miners”, making it the card with the most name changes throughout playtesting
• Earth Guild Executor: Renamed to “Airag Maker”
• Moon Strike: Renamed to “Surge”
• Rogue with Initiative: Renamed to “Swirling Skirmisher”
• Stealthy Assassin: Renamed to “Silent Assassin”
• Tatar Pillager: Renamed to “Astute Tactician”
• Void Worshipper: Renamed to “Cunning Reclaimer”

Card changes

• Alamut Castle: Ability changed to “Your Attack: If one of your followers is attacking alone → Ready your Worldbreaker and develop THIS.” Stage II changed to “Gain 1 power” (previously “Enters: You may attack” and “Gain 1 power. You may attack”, respectively)
• Amu River Armorer: Standing requirement reduced to 1x Earth (down from 2x Earth)
• The Amu River Encampment: Stage 1 changed to “Gain 1 power. Put a +1/+1 counter on up to 1 follower” (previously “Put a +1/+1 counter on each of up to 2 followers.”)
• Baleful Viper: Strength reduced to 1 (down from 3)
• Consumed by the Dust: Standing requirement increased to 2x Void (up from 1x Void)
• Earth Apprentice: Ability changed to “If you control at least 2 other followers → Draw 1 card.” (previously “Pay 1 mythium → Put a +1/+1 counter on THIS.”)
• Fanciful Astronomer: Trigger now says “The first time each round you draw a card during your turn” (previously “The first time each round you draw one or more cards during your turn”)
• Generous Dealer: Health reduced to 4 (down from 5)
• Lay Siege: Mythium cost reduced to 3 (down from 4). “Discount” trigger removed
• Marco Polo, Robed in Silk: Now always reveals the top card of the deck when the ability is triggered
• Muhandasat Savior: Fixed a typo in the card name
• Nocturnal Reaper: Now gains another 2 mythium (up from 1)
• Patient Mentor: Health reduced to 5 (down from 6)
• The Pride’s Kheshig: Health reduced to 1 (down from 2)
• Proof of the Grotto: Mythium cost increased to 1 (up from 0)
• Serpent Strike: Standing requirement reduced to 1x Void (down from 2x Void)
• Sly Sentinel: Strength reduced to 2 (down from 4)
• Solemn Guardian: Standing requirement decreased to 1x Stars (down from 3x Stars). Special ability removed (previously “If you control a location, THIS requires 2 (Stars Standing) less to play.”)
• Solomon’s Throne: Trigger now says “Whenever THIS is developed or damaged” (previously “Whenever a stage counter is removed from THIS”)
• Sparring Braggart: Standing requirement increased to 2x Earth (up from 1x Earth). Ability changed to “While Sparring Braggart is attacking, your other followers can’t be blocked. (Blocking Sparring Braggart will remove it from combat.)” (previously Attacks: If you attacked with 3 or more followers → THIS gets +2 strength for this combat.)
• Stars Apprentice: Ability changed to “If you control a location → Draw 1 card.” (previously “Play a location card.”)
Swirling Skirmisher: Strength reduced to 2 (from 3), health reduced to 2 (from 3)
• The Ten Thousand Ride: Mythium cost reduced to 1 (down from 2)
• Vicious Stab: Removed the “If this defeats that follower, gain 1 standing with any guild.” ability
• Void Apprentice: Ability changed to “If a follower was defeated this round → Draw 1 card.” (previously “Pay 1 Mythium → THIS deals 1 wound to a follower.”)
• Volatile Furnace: Removed the 1 mythium cost on developing stages, and the card draw on stages II and III

Solo changes

***Spoilers ahead!!***

• Solemn Guardian moved from the draft deck to the starting deck.
• Irate Vandal has been removed from the automaton’s deck and is not used in this half of the solo campaign.
• “New Rules: 2 Earth Standing”: Under “Setup”, Mongol Quartermaster has been removed from the list of cards.
• “• Inspire/Charge”: The top ability of • Inspire no longer puts a follower into play. The bottom ability no longer puts a +1/+1 counter on that follower.
• “• Call to Arms/Charge”: • Call to Arms now reads “Put the top card of your opponent’s deck into play. Put a +1/+1 counter on that follower.” (previously “Put the two two cards of your opponent’s deck into play.”)
• “Recruit/• Mobilize”: • Mobilize now reads, “Put a +1/+1 counter on your opponent’s follower with the least remaining health. Your opponent attacks with all of their ready followers.” (previously “Put the top card of your opponent’s deck into play.”)
• “Recruit/• Unrelenting”: • Unrelenting now reads, “Remove 1 stationary counter from one of your opponent’s followers” (previously “Remove 1 stationary counter and 1 wound from each follower your opponent controls.”)
• “Recruit/• Advance”: The top ability of • Advance no longer attacks. The bottom ability no longer gives all attacking followers +1 strength.

Forever reshape history

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