Joining the Worldbreakers Universe: Carlo Gozzi

The Worldbreakers Kickstarter campaign included this exclusive tier:

I designed the “Join the Universe” tier for the most devout of fans. I am really excited to share the first promotional card, which was created by Carlo Gozzi. Carlo is quite literally backer #1, as he is the first to pledge to the campaign. He is a Kickstarter expert and has been supporting Worldbreakers since before the game’s official announcement. Carlo provided invaluable ideas and feedback on the campaign, and you can listen to some of his ideas in this interview from last year. Furthermore, as we were nearing the $10,000 funding goal, Carlo generously upped his pledge to the “Join the Universe” tier and essentially bumped us to the coveted “funded” status.

Onward to the illustration and the card! Carlo quickly called dibs on the “Mythium Fund” card, which is one of the best economy events in Worldbreakers:

Carlo asked to incorporate a few of his personal passions into the illustration: a mystical, Lovecraftian ritual, two of his cats, and the logo for NISEI (a fan-run organization who is managing the Netrunner card game). I sent the brief to Agustín Castro, one of the chief illustrators for Worldbreakers, who sent back this lovely sketch:

I loved the overall composition and how Agustín captured all of the different elements. Carlo is holding a mythium crystal, which ties the piece to Worldbreakers. In order to strengthen the connection further, we added a mythium swirl to form a ritual circle.

This second sketch nailed the vision Carlo and I shared for the card. From there, Agustín fleshed out the piece and added the many flourishes and details that distinguish his style.

And here is the resulting card!

Carlo, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the universe of Worldbreakers! This promotional card will be included in all first edition Worldbreakers: Advent of the Khanate copies.

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