Mythium and the Worldbreakers

Mythium. A gift from Etugen Eke, the Earth Mother. Through Mythium, we become Worldbreakers. Our talents are amplified. Our flaws, deepened.

— Khutulun, the Unrelenting Pride

It is the late 13th century. Eastern Asia, the Middle East, and Egypt are rising in power while Europe reels from the Dark Ages. The world system is disrupted by the discovery of a new crystalline substance: mythium, which is found in the bowels of the Earth and in the deepest of waters.

The Indigo Grotto
The Indigo Grotto, by Emilio Rodriguez

Those who learn to tap into mythium find that their natural talents are amplified. Soldiers move and fight in perfect unison. Inventors create groundbreaking contraptions centuries ahead of their time. Artists outperform their magnum opus. Merchants adopt a slick, persuasive tongue.

Khund Cavalry
Khund Cavalry, by Chinzoo Chinzoo

Processing Mythium and unlocking its secrets is a challenging task. The guilds are associations of people who have learned how to manipulate the substance. Each guild has its own style, a specialty on how they unlock the powers of mythium. For example, adherents of the Earth Guild practice martial arts and meditation which release the material’s power. On the other hand, the Moon Guild are scientists and engineers who employ mythium as a power source for their machines. The members of each guild are united by their arcane knowledge, a connection that transcends ethnicity, geography, and politics. While guilds rarely work together, circumstances such as a powerful leader might convince them to form transient collaborations.

Fanciful Astronomer
Fanciful Astronomer, by Emilio Rodriguez

The greatest of the mythium users are called Worldbreakers. These individuals’ mastery is capable of shifting the course of nations. Chief among the Worldbreakers is Khutulun, the Mongol princess and a descendant of the great Chinggis Khan. Khutulun’s mythium gift allows her to create empathy and connection between her people. Decades after the death of Chinggis Khan, she is reuniting the Mongol hordes under her banner. Khutulun’s destiny is to continue the march west and finish the conquests of her great ancestor.

Khutulun is leading her people
The Ten Thousand Ride, by Chinzoo Chinzoo

However, other factions are rising to meet Khutulun. Who will wrestle control of Mythium? Who will forever reshape history?

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