Mulligan Tips for the Preconstructed Decks

Matthew Spear (Mattroid) is a regular contributor to the Worldbreakers Discord server. Here he discusses his mulligan strategies for the four preconstructed decks in Advent of the Khanate. You can also check out our two-player Constructed Bo3 on YouTube.

Mulligans are a powerful tool to sculpt you round one gameplan. This article will cover some strategies for mulligans in Worldbreakers and give some examples for each preconstructed deck.

There are two limiting factors in playing cards: mythium and standing. These are the two most important resources to keep in mind when deciding which cards to mulligan. A good rule of thumb is if a card requires more standing than you can get with cards in hand you should mulligan it. Mythium cost is harder to quantify, but if you don’t think you’ll be able to play a card round 1 you should probably mulligan it. Aggressive mulligans are often rewarded, so don’t be afraid to throw away your whole hand if you need to.

None of the following are a comprehensive list of cards. If you can play a card early and it advances your plan, consider keeping it.

Khutulun, the Unrelenting Pride

The Khutulun preconstructed deck is an aggressive deck that wants to play two or three followers, then start earning power quickly with attacks. While the Earth deck has some late-game value from the migrate package, the other preconstructed decks will quickly outvalue it in the long game.

Some excellent early-game followers are The Pride’s Kheshig, Kalari Adept, Earth Guild Executor, and Skillful Bruiser. In addition to having a cheap body, they also have useful abilities such as Overwhelm. Just be mindful that 1 health could be a liability versus Ruknuddin Khurshah. Two of the migrate followers, Dogtamer and Eagle Huntress, can be strong plays, just don’t go to zero standing without an easy way to get it back.

Several other cards can help you with resources. Gratuitous Gift can “cheat out” a follower and both Ger Migration and Call to Arms will straight-out draw you cards. Both The Humble Underpass and Raid the Mines are strong, albeit situational, economy cards: the former needs to be protected while the latter requires a favorable combat.

Marco Polo, Robed in Silk

Marco Polo‘s deck is highly location-focused with explosive late-game turns. Your strongest cards are at 2 or 3 Stars standing, and you should have a way to gain early standing: Stars Apprentice, Heedless Investor, Illicit Bazaar, or the Humble Underpass. Mothkeeper is one of your strongest turn 1 plays, as she provides both defense and economy

Beyond that, your mulligan decision should depend on your opponent:

Versus Khutulun and Ruknuddin Khurshah, you want early blockers to defend your locations and help you survive. This is where Caravan Guard, Sly Sentinel, and Solemn Guardian are good options, just remember that the latter will require a location if you want to play her early. Mesmerizing Maze could gain you Stars standing while stopping expensive followers before they get a chance to attack.

On the other hand, against The Muhandasat you should push your locations as fast as possible, before the Council overwhelms you with resources. Ideally, you should play locations that offset some of their cost, such as The Submerged Brilliance (where the first stage gains both mythium and cards).

The Muhandasat, Council of Engineers

The Muhandasat can generate the most value of all preconstructed decks. They will win almost all games that go long enough. The trick is to get to the late game, since their followers are not as efficient as the other guilds’. To offset that, you will need to gain more mythium and draw more cards than your opponent.

Desperate Miners and Natty Matron are powerful options for gaining mythium and cards, respectively, with Natty Matron being one of the best cards in the game. Mythium Fund, Mythium Ingot, and Unstable Ore provide mythium bursts, though you should only play the latter after recruiting a Scholar. Naming Ceremony will gain you precious standing while replacing itself.

If you expect to go on the defensive, be on the lookout for Crescent Tear, Fledgling Defender, and Muhandasat Savior. Muhandasat Pilot is a capable defender that could provide some precious resources as well.

Finally, remember that locations in your opening hand do not trigger The Muhandasat’s free draw ability. Make sure to mulligan them, unless you are certain you will need a specific one.

Ruknuddin Khurshah, Leader of the Order

Ruknuddin Khurshah offers a midrange deck that can trade blows with Khutulun while pressuring Marco Polo and The Muhandasat. Ruknuddin’s ability is especially powerful, as it allows you to defeat enemy followers. However, the Void guild is slim on both mythium and standing, so proper resource management is key.

Look out for Mythium Fund, Gratuitous Gift, and Resourceful Aide, all of which provide you with mythium. Novice Cutpurse and Vicious Stab are excellent proactive cards that also boost your standing. Yam Operator is a free body when used with an an event, especially Mythium Fund and Raid the Mines.

Once economy is taken care of, be on the lookout for Void’s strong follow-ups, such as Baleful Viper and Forlorn Flats. Callous Closer is a versatile follower who can serve as an attacker, a blocker, and a card drawing engine, all in on. With that said, be wary of some of Void’s “bomb” cards, such as Pernicious Powder and The Ancient Butcher: you are unlikely to be able to play them anytime soon, and they should almost always be sent back to the deck.

There are a lot of routes a Ruknuddin Khurshah game can take, and each mulligan will be different. In general, think economy first, payoffs second.

To summarize, the mulligan is a very strong tool in Worldbreakers. A great opening hand can win games, so aggressively mulliganing is an effective strategy. Throw away cards that don’t immediately advance your game plan.

Thanks again, Matthew, for the guest post! If you’re itching to try this advice, you can play Worldbreakers on Tabletop Simulator, Tabletopia, or using the Print-and-Play. Now, go play 😉

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