Enough with the knights.

It's time for something new.

Hi! We are Elli and Eynat, the creators of Worldbreakers: Advent of the Khanate, a new card game set in an alternate history of 13th century Mongolia. Play as a powerful Worldbreaker, recruit followers to control the board, and develop locations to gain power. The first player to reach 10 power wins, forever reshaping history!

See Yourself

Worldbreakers features people who are rarely represented in games. Most of our characters are people of color, and 70% of our illustrations highlight women in powerful and prominent roles. Some of our characters are people with disabilities, and others are LGBTQ+. The only thing all our characters have in common is that they’re all awesome.

Fanciful Astronomer

Fair distribution

We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy Worldbreakers. That’s why there are no booster packs and no premium cards. The game box will have all of the game’s cards, enough for two players to play three different formats: Tutorial, Constructed, and Draft.

Will you answer the call?

You can also visit the Worldbreakers main page for the latest news, Discord link, and the Tabletop Simulator module — where you can try the game for free!

Forever reshape history

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